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Stanfour nach acht Jahren mit neuem Song zurück – “Wollen dieses Jahr noch ein paar rausbringen”

April 24th, 2024|

Am 22. März veröffentlichte Stanfour Guide Me Home. Sänger Konstantin Rethwisch und Gitarrist Christian Lidsba sprachen mit mir über die Pläne der Band.

“Incredible opportunity”: Josh Savage on European Tour with Jacob Lee

März 31st, 2023|

Kodaline, Snow Patrol, Robbie Williams – and now support act for Jacob Lee: singer/songwriter Josh Savage has been traveling through (almost) all of Europa since March 2nd. The Lowly Lyricist tour also took the 31-year-old to Munich. After his performance I met Josh.

Josh Savage: His path from living room concerts to the opening act of Robbie Williams in front of 100,000 people

September 28th, 2022|

The inspiring story of Josh Savage who played his way into the hearts of many people around the world with living room concerts – and in 2022 performing as an opening act of Robbie Williams in front of 100,000 spectators.

Best-selling author Mark McCrum: “For writers, life seems empty without writing”

Februar 7th, 2021|

Year after year, book publishers receive dozens of manuscripts. Often there is one rejection after another. But rejection is not always the same, as the story of English bestselling author Mark McCrum proves.

Songwriter and producer Tim Metcalfe – “I’ve been lucky to be a part of some great records”

Juni 26th, 2020|

The first ever album in which Tim Metcalfe was involved went straight to number one in many European countries - including Germany and the UK. And the list of his hits gets longer and longer.

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